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Before the throne was a sea of glass, like crystal. Revelation 4:6a


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If you watch Foxnews , you may see Sarah Palin wearing this necklace. It was a token for her faithful service to our Country, and she thanked me by wearing it on national primetime-what a Gal! She wears it with her Lime jacket. ;)

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Eleven Reasons to Buy Quality Lampwork Beads:

© copyright 2008, edited 2013 Helen Simon, www.helensharvest.com

1- It is original and unique art. No one else will own or wear it.

2- You can meet the artist in a cyber way thereby understanding your purchase. You can inquire about the inspiration. Most artists are delighted to talk about their work.

3- It will outlast quilts and even painted canvases, with proper care, perhaps for millennia. Ancient Roman and Egyptian beads are commonly available, even on Ebay. 

4- Because of its longevity, it will enhance your portfolio, and provide inheritance for your heirs. What a lovely, thoughtful gift of art to your appreciative loved ones, especially in our insecure economy!

5- You can wear your art, expressing your daily mood, your ensemble often secondary to your Lampwork.:)

6- You can request custom work for a special occasion. Most artists are honored to help with special orders like weddings.

7- It is small, so easy to store with other precious treasures.

8- Your purchase will have inexpensive shipping because it is light.

9-Your unique Beads may inspire your original jewelry designs worthy of being published, winning contests and prizes.

10- It is FUN to buy, own, give, be inspired by, and wear.

11- Glass is naturally hypo-allergenic. Thanks to my artist friend Beth for this one.

Our Homestead


A progression of our newly purchased land will be recorded here.


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Here's our wild land on the day we bought it. This is the Western edge.


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This is the Eastern edge.


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Here is our land finally cleared, and our beautiful curved 300' driveway road we drew and staked in the dirt. It's really fun drawing this large, since I usually make tiny beads. We're awaiting the culvert, rocks, and water meter. 8-15-05

Most of these lovely trees were cut down by Hurricane Rita, and I don't have the heart to take any photos yet. Chester has planted it with Rye which is up in patches, so perhaps when it fills in, I'll show you some updates. The culvert and water meter are in, but since the storm caused the price of Limestone to soar, we are waiting to spread the rock. The pond is larger and deeper since Jake raised our yard level with it. :) 


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Our land is getting greener, the pond is full, our sewer system, which will water part of the front yard is in, and we have a strange canine visitor. 3-'06 


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Look what Frank Brown put up for us! Next is the driveway, and then we can move our trailer home, I hope by Christmas. Thanks, Brother Frank! 


overflow.jpg picture by helensharvest

We hired our neighbor George to dig an overflow ditch so Corey's island will reappear...it's not really his although he's rather claimed it.:) The sound of running water was so peaceful & we're so grateful to God for this lovely land. I've picked many wildflowers in my life, but yesterday I picked MINE! 9/28/06


island.jpg picture by helensharvest

Corey's Island, with the dead Pine God blew down for us in the background. 


dway.jpg picture by helensharvest

We hired our church friend Darren Arville to dump 2 loads of crushed concrete (recycled highway:) to pave our driveway. 9/29/06 

WILDFLOWERS1.jpg picture by helensharvest

I've picked many wildflowers in my life, but today, I picked mine.


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We hung our mailbox today, Thanksgiving 2006.


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Moving Day, jacking up the Trailer... 

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...and the Shed 


parade.jpg picture by helensharvest

The parade begins... 


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Burning downed trees from Hurricane Rita, with Chester finally relaxing :)

A friend emailed me that it was time Chester get out of that chair. Bless his heart. He's lost 60 pounds since we moved here. Here are several more pictures of our work. May 2007 

frontbed.jpg picture by helensharvest

Market Garden Genesis

Center Diamond has Juniper, Roses (Heritage, Abraham Darby, Aloha & Cramoisie Superior), Rosemary


deck.jpg picture by helensharvest

Some Decking to keep our feet mud free 


tempkitchbed.jpg picture by helensharvest


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Here are our 2 darling sons for whom we work that they may have an inheritance here. 

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gagu.jpg picture by helensharvest

The Guys working on the second L bed. The first L has a Graham Thomas Rose, White Lily of the Nile, with Boxwood and Rosemary in the block holes.  


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pow2.jpg picture by helensharvest

These fallen Pink petals on the water's edge about have me ready to go outside to paint, impressionist style. 


pow6.jpg picture by helensharvest

 The Pot of Gold God planted beyond the pond. 


dfh.jpg picture by helensharvest

I hope to have some sheep in our back yard when we get it fenced in, giving wool to work with. 


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Bunnies have been eating our lettuce, basil, parsley, so our next project is fencing them out. 


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We found out Bunnies are content to eat our summer grass, especially after Chester just mowed it for them...so THAT'S  why they eat the garden in winter...no grass...duh! Anyway, here are Chester's gorgeous cedar gates. I'm so proud of him! In a couple years they will support Roses. 7-21-08  UPDATE-Check below to see them now.:)


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My precious husband reads the Bible to us most mornings, the most beautiful picture in my life. I thank God for him. 8-3-09 


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We have a mean rooster named Annas, who chases us. I go inside when he gets let out of his "chicken tractor" to move it. He doesn't back down like dogs do! 


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Here are Son's 2 roommates, Scruffy and Biscuit in their sunny morning window seats. 


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A daily Rose harvest ready to dry to pack with your Beads, my faithful Collectors! 


42110a.jpg picture by helensharvest

Chester's Gates with Climbers Clinging. 


42110.jpg picture by helensharvest

Our Country Garden Today~All Glory to God!